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* It has become mandatory to confirm the terms and conditions for baggage when making reservations or checking in online or using an airport self-service check-in machine. We thank you for your cooperation.

Carry-on baggage

In addition to your personal effects (such as a handbag, camera or umbrella), you are permitted to carry on board one item of baggage (such as a bag) whose overall dimensions (L+W+H) are within 100 cm


The overall dimensions (L+W+H) must be within 100 cm
(within 45 cm × 35 cm × 20 cm or less)


Up to 1 piece per person


Up to 10 kg

Attention / Information

Even in the case of baggage within the above-mentioned dimensions, please keep in mind that it may need to be checked in if cannot be stored in the cabin.
Please also checkin baggage, carry bags, hemp bags, etc., which exceed these dimensions.

Checked baggage

If you have any baggage that can be checked in at the airport, please check it in at the baggage counter after baggage inspection.


We accept the checked baggage which size is within 50 cm × 60 cm × 120 cm
(Ski / golf bag / fishing tool / bow tool / surfboard etc. will be acceptable if it can be stored in the cargo compartment of the aircraft.The length is up to 250 cm.)


Number of Checked baggage
※ There is no restriction as long as it meets the rules of weight and size.


Weight of Checked baggage
Up to 20 kg per person is free of charge

※ Total weight up to 100 kg (up to 32 kg per piece)
※ Baggage exceeding 20kg and up to 100kg will be charged for excess baggage fee.

Excess baggage fees

Total weight of Checked baggage, over 20kg and Up to 100kg, will be will be charged for excess baggage fee.
If weight of baggage is Over 32 kg per piece, or Total weight of baggage is exceed 100 kg total per person, we cannot accept them as Checked baggage.

Route Fees charged per kg over
Common to all routes 600 yen

Baggage with carry-on / check-in restrictions

Please note that there is baggage that cannot be carried in and/or checked in. In addition, items that could be used as weapons, such as knives, cannot be carried on board the aircraft.
Typical examples of items that cannot be carried into the aircraft and/or checked in, and that items that can only be carried into the aircraft and/or checked in under certain conditions, are listed on the website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Please check in advance if there is nothing among your belongings that corresponds to dangerous items. If you have any questions, please visit our airport counter or send an email from "Contact Us".
Please be aware that, in the event that a dangerous item is detected at a security inspection site, it may not be possible to determine whether or not it can be carried in or checked in by your scheduled boarding time.

Examples of items that require special attention

Large items such as musical instruments

When carrying large items of baggage, such as musical instruments, into the cabin, an extra seat charge will be charged additionally. There are also certain instruments, such as a double bass, which cannot be carried into the cabin.

Attention / Information

Please note that we accept no liability in normal handling for any damage or wear and tear, due to the nature of the baggage, such as it being overweight or extra-large in size, or for partial loss of or minor damage (such as abrasions, cuts, dents or dirt) to detachable castors, straps, hooks, name tags, belts or other protruding accessories.