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In-Flight Services

Free drinks and sweets on all routes

Newspapers, soft drinks, and tea biscuits/sweets are available on board. Complimentary morning croissants are also available on some early morning flights. Enjoy air travel at a relaxed pace with FDA’s in-flight services.


We supply Shizuoka tea manufactured by Harada Seicha using tea leaves entirely produced in Shizuoka, high-quality authentic Kaldi coffee, Tomiya natural coffee, Asahi beverages such as Bireley’s Apple, and more.


Châteraisé chocolate snacks using Belgian-made couverture chocolate. Candy made by Baba Seika, founded 170 years ago. These sweet treats add a hint of color to air travel. On some flights, we also serve traditional Japanese uiro-mochi sweets made by Aoyagi Sohonke.

Morning croissants

On early morning flights only, we serve croissants made with Como long-life dough, originally from Italy. With no added preservatives, these croissants boast unique flavor and soft texture created by the action of panettone lactobacillus—we hope you enjoy them.

※In addition to the above, we provide other well-known confectionery on some flights for a limited time only.