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Value Fare

Receive up to21%off!

  • Reservations
    can be changed
  • Available for
    a limited number
    of seats
  • Set according
    to the number
    of seats expected
    to be empty
  • Multi-airport

*Reservations can be changed until the day of the flight (the name on the ticket and the departure and arrival airports cannot be changed)

How this discount is set

FDA allocates a set number of seats eligible for each discount based on the number of seats expected to be empty.
For example, if a lot of seats on a flight are expected to remain unsold by the departure date, a large number of seats are made eligible for discount ticket types (fares). If most of the seats are expected to be sold, only a few seats will be eligible for discount fares, or none may be eligible at all.

*The predicted number of empty seats is the number currently expected to still be empty at the time of departure, not the number that are currently empty.
*Cheaper tickets may be sold after you purchase your ticket as the expected number of empty seats fluctuates each day.

Terms of Fare


These terms apply when making a reservation or purchasing a ticket for the Value Fare up to the day before the flight. It is available from the date that seats on the flight become available for reservations or purchase.

*Eligible seats are limited, and may not be available depending on the period, route and flight.

purchase period

Until the day before the flight. Available from the date that seats on the flight become available for reservations or purchase.

Time limit for purchase

Must be purchased within 3 days, including the reservation date.

*This provision does not apply to reservations made 1-3 days before the date of the flight. In such cases, the ticket must be purchased by the day before the flight.

*If multiple flights are reserved at the same time, the time limit for the earliest flight applies.


Reservations can be changed as long as a seat is available on the desired flight.
However, the name on the ticket and the departure and arrival airports cannot be changed.

*Reservations can only be changed before the scheduled departure time of the flight (reservations cannot be changed after the scheduled departure time)

*If the price of the new ticket is higher than the original price of your previous ticket, you will be required to pay the difference.

*If you change your reservation after paying for your ticket, online reservation changes can only be made if you paid by credit card. If you paid by cash (at a convenience store) or through a travel agent, please phone the FDA call center.

Validity period of ticket

This ticket is valid only for the reserved flight.

*If the reservation is changed, the ticket is valid for the new flight.

Online reservations/

This ticket type can be reserved or purchased from the FDA website or designated travel agents.

Multi-airport ticket

If you are flying to or from an airport designated as part of a multi-airport, you can change your airport of departure/arrival to the other airport in that multi-airport.

Refunds / Cancellation fee

A set cancellation fee applies for each ticket.
Refunds will be processed within one month of the cancellation date or the departure date of the flight (whichever is earlier).


  • The displayed ticket type (fare) may vary depending on the time the page is viewed.
  • The displayed fare reflects the greatest discount available for the number of passengers that was entered during the search.

*For example, if only one seat is eligible for the Value Fare, the results displayed for one passenger will differ from those displayed for two passengers.