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Greeting from the Chairman&CEO

Acting locally, flying locally.

Since Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA) was first launched in July 2009, we have endeavored to expand our airline network, which interconnects Japan’s regional areas based on the concept of "Acting locally, flying locally.” With our slogan "Creating safe and comfortable air travel with a youthful spirit, constantly seeking out the challenges of innovation," we continue to seek out challenges with a new aviation business model linking cities using state-of-the-art compact regional jet aircraft with 76 or 84 seat capacity. At launch, our regularly scheduled services commenced with 8 flights on 3 routes, and our network has expanded every year from 18 flights on 7 routes in 2010, 32 flights on 9 routes in 2011, and 40 flights on 11 routes in 2012 up to 72 flights daily on 18 routes connecting a total of 16 cities nationwide in 2018. The regional aviation business, which interconnects regions directly via air travel, plays an important role in enhancing the convenience of regional cities and contributing to the revitalization of local communities and economies. Creating safe, comfortable air travel and make our lives and our society more convenient and affluent than ever before—these are our goals. Every single one of our employees is committed to making every effort to further improve our services. We sincerely look forward to your continued patronage as you take to the skies with Fuji Dream Airlines.

Fuji Dream Airlines Chairman&CEO
Yohei Suzuki